Face Place Signature Treatments

Our signature facial treatment.

The iDerm Facial

The iDerm facial combines deep cleansing, skillful extraction, and introduces a patented Zinc and Vitamin C solution deep into the skin tissues using galvanic current. This facial is suitable for all skin types and can be paired with medical grade SkinCeuticals products to target specific problem areas. The iDerm treatment takes approximately 75 minutes. If this is your first time with us, select the ‘First Visit’ button below for an extra 10 minutes of consultation and discussion with the facialist.

Treatment Procedure

1. Heat Dome

The iDerm Heat Dome is an effective method of delivering relaxing and soothing dry heat to the deeper layers of the skin. Combined with yucca extract, Heat Dome opens the pores and prepares the skin for the manual cleansing process.

2. Deep Extraction and Vacuum

After 10 minutes of heat, the thorough manual extraction process begins with the removal of blackheads and whiteheads from the face and neck. The vacuuming system is an excellent tool for removing surface debris, enhancing circulation and assisting in the exfoliation process.

3. Galvanic current

Using galvanic current facilitates the penetration of our active ingredients deep into the skin tissues.  Such penetration regenerates and firms the skin, stimulates cellular reproduction and decreases inflammation.

Treatment Add-ons

Extensions to the iDerm Facial may be recommended to increase the effectiveness of the treatment or improve the overall result.

Pigmentation Support

Our signature treatment paired with SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense Serum to further balance skin tone and reduce blemishes.


3900 Kč | Book Now

Rosacea Support

Our signature treatment paired with SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Serum and Redness Neutralizer for sensitive skin and redness reduction.


3900 Kč | Book Now

Pro Aging Support

Our signature treatment paired with CE Ferucic for additional fine line and wrinkle reduction.


3900 Kč | Book Now

Phyto Corrective Support

Our signature treatment paired with a suite of Phyto Corrective products to soothe the skin and repair environmental and sun damage.


3900 Kč | Book Now

(iDerm + Enzyme Peel + Led treatment)

Ultimate Full Facial Detox

Introducing our ultimate full-facial detox, consisting of an iDerm Facial Treatment with your choice of anti-aging, pigmentation, or rosacae support, SkinCeuticals Enzyme Peel, and award-winning Celluma LED light therapy. It’s the perfect way to fully detoxify your skin and give your face the T.L.C. it deserves.

Can be combined with Happy Hands package for a discounted price of 7700 CZK.

5700 Kč | Book Now

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