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4 + 1 iDerm Package

For best results, we always recommend four iDerm treatments over four weeks followed by regular maintenance (bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed).

In this package, you receive a 5th treatment FREE when you purchase 4. It’s the perfect starter-package or for regular customers looking for long-term savings! This package only includes treatments.

Add-ons purchased separately

13200 Kč | Buy Now

Anti-Acne 4-week course

A simple to follow 4-week course of state-of-the-art in-house treatments coupled with a highly effective homecare regimen and ongoing evaluation. This Anti-Acne course eliminates the causes and minimizes the symptoms of the most common types of acne.

19 990 Kč | Buy Now

Extra Lovers Package

This package includes 8 add-ons of your choice for free when you order 8 iDerm Facials.

Choose from a variety of luxurious enhancements, including SkinCeuticals anti-aging or pigmentation support, enzyme peels, lip and brow treatments, and LED light therapy. Whether you’re looking to max-out on a favorite add-on, or try them all, this package is the perfect way to take your facial experience to the next level and leave you feeling clean, healthy, and rejuvenated.

26400 Kč | Buy Now

Wintertime Peel Course

In-house chemical peels are essential for maintaining and restoring skin’s health and appearance. Performed by our skin coaches, these exfoliating treatments help resurface the uppermost layer of the skin to reveal new, healthy skin underneath.

This highly effective course of 4 treatments alleviates the most common effects of aging, such as discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles, and includes a homecare regimen to be used between visits. The results are a stunning improvement to the skin texture, radiance, and overall skin health.

Note: treatments include highly potent chemical peels which may result in 1-2 days of redness or peeling. Discuss with our skin coach your comfortable ratio of results vs. recovery time.

10 800 Kč | Buy Now

Our Treatments

iDerm Facial

Naše signature ošetření obličeje. Kombinuje hloubkové čištění pleti, profesionální extrakci technikou "pinch and roll" a zavádění patentovaného roztoku zinku a vitaminu C hluboko do kožních tkání pomocí galvanického proudu.

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Professional Facials

Čištění, peeling, extrakce a hydratace pleti pomocí kombinace produktů a nástrojů lékařské kvality.

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