SkinScope Skin Analysis

Diagnostický nástroj péče o pleť

SkinScope LED

SkinScope is the next generation in full face diagnostics, designed to reveal underlying skin concerns before they rise to the surface. During this analysis, our skincare coaches will view the skin under daylight and UV light conditions, providing diagnosis and personalized recommendations for treatment and maintenance.

Special offer: This amount can be credited toward any purchase of any products or treatments at Face Place, if purchased during the Analysis visit.

Features and Benefits

  • Reveals visible and underlying skin imperfections including accumulated sun damage (lentigines), oily skin and congested pores, dehydrated and thinner skin areas, uneven texture, and poor desquamation. (shedding skin)
  • Enables follow-up engagement by facilitating smartphone photography of diagnostic sessions.
  • Allows the skincare professional to recommendregimens and products to the client based on diagnostic results.
  • Helps the skincare professional convey progress to clients after visits and treatments over time.

Diagnostic Modes

The SkinScope LED has two light modes: simulated Daylight mode for reviewing visible skin conditions and concerns, and a LED-UV light mode for reviewing skin fluorescence (emitted at 320- 365nm).

1. Daylight

The simulated Daylight mode allows for the clear illumination of ‘visible’ concerns to the patient and skincare coach, who can pinpoint what concerns the patient has and highlight areas of redness, irritation, visible dryness, oiliness, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

2. LED-UV320-365nm

The LED-UV mode illuminates sub-surface imperfections visualized by the fluorescence of the skin. This brings to life concerns that are acutely emphasized under UV light. While healthy skin reflects back UV light creating a blue glow, melanin in the skin absorbs the light showing as dark spots on the surface of the face. Similarly, congested pores give off pink or orange fluorescence, oily skin is visible in a yellow color, and dry flaky skin shines as bright white fluorescence. Large patches of darker blue indicate areas of thinner, dehydrated skin.





What to Expect During a SkinScope Consultation

Please come to the session with a freshly cleansed, makeup-free, SPF-free face

During the session, your face will be examined using the SkinScope device, employing both daylight and LED settings. Comprehensive photographs will be captured in both modes.

Following this, a personalized skincare and treatment plan will be proposed.

Future SkinScope appointments will assess skin enhancements by comparing them to the initial images taken during the initial consultation.

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Special offer
When you come for a SkinScope skin analysis at Face Place, the cost of your analysis can be put toward the purchase of any treatment or product that you buy during your visit, effectively making the analysis free!

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