Anti-Acne 4-week course


  • 4x iDerm treatments
  • 4x LED therapy
  • 2x Skin Analysis
  • 1x ZO SkinHealth Homecare Regimen (3 months)
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Anti-Acne 4-week course

Course Description

Anti-Acne 4-week course

Discover clear, radiant skin with The Face Place's revolutionary anti-acne protocol. This comprehensive approach to acne elimination utilizes a combination of tools to nourish the skin, heal blemishes and scarring, and destroy the bacteria that cause acne.


It includes a course of in-house treatments (iDerm, Chemical Peels), skin analysis, a home-care regimen, as well as ongoing coaching from our specialists. The full protocol encompasses 4 visits to our clinic over 4 weeks, with recommendations, depending on your results, for regular follow-ups and maintenance. 


And for those facing more severe acne challenges, we've collaborated with the top dermatologists at Elite Medical to offer enhanced treatments that work seamlessly with our protocol.


The price of the Face Place Anti-Acne Protocol is 19 990,-

Reservation Policy

Immediately after purchasing the treatment, you will receive a code on your email along with a link to book the first of a series of treatments. If you do not receive an email with code, please check your spam folder.

Remaining visits will be booked with our receptionist in the clinic, according to your time availability 

If you need to move or cancel an appointment, please do so up to 24 hours in advance to avoid a penalty.

The Anti Acne course includes:

2x Skin Analysis

Performed the beginning and end of the treatment cycle. This detailed analysis under normal and LED light spots problem areas of the skin for targeted treatment and will be used again at the end to evaluate progress.

4x iDerm Facials (or Chemical Peels)

An in-clinic procedure that nourishes, exfoliates, and deeply cleans the skin, performed weekly. At the discretion of the skin coach, an iDerm treatment can be replaced with a chemical peel which will re-texturize the face, stripping away damaged skin and promoting collogen production.

4x LED therapy or Ionization Therapy

Following each facial treatment, we use LED therapy to kill bacteria on the skin or ionization treatments to calm inflammation on the skin.

1x Complexion Clearing  Homecare Program

This is an easy-to-follow home-care regimen you will use throughout the protocol. It consists of a suite of cleansers, toners, and exfoliators.


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