Kiss Acne Goodbye

At Face Place, clearer, healthier skin is within reach. We understand the physical and emotional impact of acne to your appearance and your self-esteem, which is why we’ve developed a comprehensive, non-invasive program tailored to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin, while also providing targeted treatments to remove acne, kill the bacteria that cause it, and avoid scarring.

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iDerm: The core of the program

The best defense against any skin issue is strong, healthy, clean skin. Acne is no exception. A properly functioning skin barrier is vital to keeping the bacteria that cause acne at bay. And when it is working at maximum power, our own skin can do most of the anti-acne fighting for us! This is why the core of our treatment program is the iDerm Facial, which bathes the whole face in Vitamin C and zinc, exfoliates dead tissues andcleans out the pores where bacteria hide. With pores unblocked, and dead skin and impurities removed, our highly nourished skin can now do the hard work of keeping down inflammations and flare-ups.

LED Light Therapy

Complementing the work of the iDerm Facial to strengthen and nourish the skin to fight off acne, we also use LED Light therapy to further eliminate any bacteria still on the surface of the skin. Blue LED light has been scientifically shown to kill the bacteria that causes Acne. Toward the end of your treatments, your skin coach may recommend also red LED light to help heal some evidence of scarring.

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Chemical Peels

We use chemical peels to remove the damaged top layers of the skin, removing the bumps, pustules, and uneven skin associated with acne. Your skin coach may or may not recommend a chemical peel, depending on the current condition of your skin and the overall effectiveness of the other tools being used.

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High Frequency therapy

For stubborn inflammation, our skin coaches can substitute High Frequency therapy in the place of LED. High Frequency therapy works similarly to LED but further calms the skin and lessens inflammation in targeted areas.

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At the end of the day, in-clinic treatments are only half of the battle. Consistent use of a scientifically proven homecare regime is vital to maintaining the results you get from any treatment. Our Skin coaches will recommend a homecare regime and gauge effectiveness throughout the your treatment program, providing guidance and adjustments based on your skin’s current condition.

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Medical Intervention

With skincare, the Face Place philosophy is always to start with a non-invasive approach, strengthening and nourishing the skin so that it (hopefully) does the work for which it was intended. We believe that the above tools will clear up the vast majority of acne cases. However, there are some instances where, after we’ve exhausted the non invasive approach, a much more rigorous approach is required. This may mean medication or even surgical procedures. In these cases, we work closely with the dermatological team at Elite Medical to escalate the treatment and create a more comprehensive program under the supervision of one of their dermatologists.

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About Face Place

A Hollywood Landmark Since 1972

Face Place has been Hollywood’s trusted skincare expert for over 50 years. Despite a playfully whispered ‘best kept secret’ vibe, the fact is our incredible results are well known and fiercely popular among Hollywood’s elite and not-so-elite. We specialize in a unique and clinical approach to healthy and rejuvenated skin. Our treatments are all based on proven techniques, and our results have kept us on the red carpet and in the press for generations.

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